What's Involved in Building a Shotcrete Swimming Pool? Swimming Pool Construction Swimming Pool Cleaning

Before any ground is broken, a Classic Pool designer works with you to determine if the pool you want is feasible for your terrain.

Once the plans are good to go, the area is marked out to ensure that no underground pipes are damaged during construction. Dimensions and grading are then double-checked, and then the excavation is dug out.

Next the rebar grid, which runs along the floor, wall, and end beam of the pool, is installed. Next the interior pool plumbing is installed. Then shotcrete is applied pneumatically. Benches, pool entry steps, and any other nooks are hand-sculpted before the high strength shotcrete cures. Tile and coping are then installed.

The pool is then plumbed and a pressure test is performed. After the plumbing ditches are filled and dirt compacted the pool decking is installed. The pool equipment is then set along with any other visual features and the final interior finish is then applied. The pool is then filled and chemically balanced and a Classic Pools professional will then teach you how to operate and maintain your pool in our signature pool school.

After everything is complete, we rake and grade the yard to ensure that any construction debris is removed. You are now ready to enjoy countless hours in your new backyard oasis!